S4E and F)

S4E and F). in driving GC progression, MeCP2 represents a promising therapeutic target for GC treatment. values Mouse Monoclonal to E2 tag clinicopathologic features of GC. (A) MeCP2 protein ERK5-IN-1 expressions in various histological types of GC samples and normal tissues. (B) MeCP2 protein expression in various histological grades of GC samples, expressed in percentages. Tumor histological grade was assigned according to the AJCC criteria: grade 1 ERK5-IN-1 (G1), well differentiated; grade 2 (G2), moderately differentiated; and grade 3 (G3), poorly differentiated. Data are shown as mean??SEM (p?p?p?t-test). (E) Correlation between MeCP2 expression and poor tumor histology in GC patients using data from TCGA. Data are shown as mean??SEM (p?p?

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